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Glory in Death - J.D. Robb One of the initial reservations I had about this series was the doubt about the “readability” of a series with the same leading characters, Eve Dallas and Roarke. I mean, wouldn’t it get boring after a while?The first book read like a “standard” romance to me. Boy meets girl, falls for her, girl falls right back, they defeat a murderer, and live happily ever after. What’s to add?Well, my worries and doubts were completely unfounded if this second book is be any indication. Because there was plenty more for the reader to learn about both of them and for them to learn about each other. And there was a rather big obstacle in the middle, thanks to Eve and her stubborn refusal to lean on anyone. Lucky for them (and us) they resolved the issue, but I’m glad it was her that made that last step, because Roarke deserved it. Boy, did he deserve it.In other news (just kidding), this was again a great book, fast-paced, wonderfully written, with great characters, and suspense. The only hiccup for me was the fact I knew who the killer was from the second murder on. Maybe because I loathed the person, but I was right.Oh, and I have to talk about the ending. Well, not as much talk about it that go “awwww”. Loved it. Absolutely perfect timing.