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Into the Night  - Janelle Denison This book simply didn't work for me. I'm not sure what Ms. Denison tried to do with this mix of romance and suspense, but it doesn't bode well for the rest of the series (which, based on this book, I won't be reading).It looked like she debated between romance and suspense throughout the entire story, focusing on one and then the next, instead of blending the two genres into what we lovingly call "romantic suspense".They didn't work together, and they sure didn't work separately, because the romance was rather bland, and rushed (Nathan and Nicole ended up in bed together on the night they met), I didn't feel a connection to them and didn't feel the connection between them.And as far as suspense goes, I certainly have read better.I guess, the fault lays mostly at the narrative style's door. The narration didn't pull me in, it dragged, it was bland, and it was boring.Unfortunate, since I was looking forward to discovering a new suspense author, but it turned out Ms. Denison isn't my cup of tea.