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Amaury's Hellion  - Tina Folsom The premise was great—a vampire that can feel emotions of those around him, a constant onslaught that brings him pain (one emotion is particularly painful—love, since he's been cursed never to feel love himself), when he meets the only woman whose emotions he cannot read.I know, right.Unfortunately that only woman whose emotions poor Amaury could not read turned out to be a hot-and-cold-running, vampire-slayer-wannabe, caustic little bitch. I hated her with a passion, which resulted in me not particularly liking the entire story.Which is a huge surprise give the fact I absolutely loved its predecessor, [b:Samson's Lovely Mortal|8456776|Samson's Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires, #1)|Tina Folsom||13320922]. The fact I hated the heroine just ruined everything for me. And Amaury, the vamp whose story I actually looked forward to reading, lost his shine with a "mate" like that.I don't know what it was. Maybe the fact I read this one right after the first in the series might've "colored my perception", but I guess it was just the bitch-slappable heroine. She acted like an idiot most of the time, jumping from one TSTL situation to the next, running hot and cold, until both Amaury and the reader got whiplash...Sheesh, I couldn't stand the woman and I actually pity the fictitious vampire Amaury for having ended up with this particular ball and chain.The saving grace of this story was the suspense, which was pretty good and nicely done, but unfortunately couldn't shake the heroine-curse long enough to really make it work for this story.