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The Reluctant Nude - Meg  Maguire Oh, wow. My first Meg Maguire book and it blew me away. I'm still stunned, really, at Ms. Maguire's wonderfully masterful touch when it comes to characterization. Fallon and Max were so vivid in my mind's eye, so utterly perfect in their imperfections, they truly seemed real.An amazing story of self-discovery and self-discovery, teaching us all a lesson of trying to be open, no matter what. Sure, bad things come along, but if we're so walled up afraid to let bad things in, good things will be left out as well. That's what Max, in his cryptic, weird way taught Fallon, and the reader alongside her.And I'm probably speaking for many normal, (im)perfect women out there—I want me a Max. ;)As I wrote before, this was an amazing little story and I cannot wait to read more by this talented author.