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Something About You - Julie James Three years ago she tanked his investigation, he insulted her on TV, and she had him transferred to Nebraska (or so he thought). Now, she’s an audile witness to a murder and he’s lead investigator. And they still hate each other’s guts (or so they try to convince themselves).Julie James isn’t one of my favorite authors for nothing, and I’m feeling pretty bad about doubting her while reading the first part of this book. Because it was rather slow and uneventful. Having finished it, I know better and will never doubt you again, Julie. You have my word.Sure, it started slow, but it was necessary to create a realistic foundation to the rest of the story, providing important info on the two leads (and the killer’s motive) in three flashbacks, the first two also illustrating the start of what I lovingly call “the big misunderstanding”.Yes, BM is almost a must in some stories to keep things lively and moving forward, often descending into cliché, but not with Ms. James. Nope. It was there, sure, it creating the necessary tensions (and some humorous moments), but it didn’t overwhelm the story with its bulk and it was resolved in a timely manner (which isn’t often the case) and when both BM participants were willing to communicate (which also isn’t often case—actually, this just might be the first “easy” BM in my reading experience).But let’s go back to pacing. The first half was to set the chess pieces on the board, the second one, even before the resolution to the BM, was to grab that chess board and shake it like mad. Because once the pace picked up and the story started hurling toward the big finish, there was no stopping it. And I loved every minute of it.For a first venture into suspense, Julie James did a great job.And now to what Ms. James does best. Characterization. Sheesh, but I loved every single one of the bunch (even the killer had that extra spark for me, but that’s probably because I’m a fan of the author).Cameron was your typical JJ heroine. Funny, a little self-deprecating, smart, sarcastic...What’s not to love about her. But the hero, Jack Pallas, the brooding, glowering, Alpha fed, was the one who stole the entire show, with his scruff, his muscles, his protective nature, his “hidden” personality, his sense of humor, and his bike. And Cam’s friends and Jack’s partner provided the comic relief.And another commendation for Julie James. You’ve graduated from sex scenes. Yay! Some fellow reviewers claimed it seemed forced, but I didn’t get that impression. Far from it. It was sexy, sensual, and H-O-T, laced with a pinch of humor, and Jack, of course. :DThis is a pretty lame review for such a great book, but I don’t think anything could do it justice. You’ll just have to read it and experience Jack Pallas on your own. ;)