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Dangerous Secrets  - Lisa Marie Rice The prologue hooked me immediately. Promising one heck of a story, and indeed it was a great improvement from the first book in this series.Especially in the heroine-personality department. Although, Charity struck me as too naive - she lived in a freaking fairy-tale world where everybody was good and the Russian millionaire that suddenly appeared in her home town with obvious issues (feverish eyes, getting her name wrong etc.) and surrounded by an army of thugs was of course simply a great writer...And it was completely normal for her to fall for a charming young guy in a heartbeat and marry him after a week. Sheesh! I kept wondering when those rose-tinted glasses would get knocked off her perfect little nose. Well, it happened a tad too late if you ask me, making her sudden change of heart and perspective a bit too unbelievable.I loved the hero, though, better than his predecessor. Nick Ireland. Hot, sexy, incredibly skilled in everything he put his mind to, protective to the bone, willing to do anything it takes to keep his woman safe...Sure, there were times I wanted to smack him on the back of his head, but his patience with the naive heroine made me forgot all his subtle little flaws.The suspense was much greater in this installment of the Dangerous series, the peril and danger constantly in the peripheral vision, keeping us guessing as to what the writer/mobster was up to - besides being completely nuts.And there was a little humor - I like my books spiced with pinches of humor here and there. Hilarious the two exchanges between Nick and DiStefano about cursing in the presence of a lady.So, despite the naiveté of the heroine (she did come round in the end), this was still a great read, delving into shady territory of undercover work, lies blending into one another, creating an almost parallel reality. The author succeeded in conveying Nick's indecision and tumultuous thoughts perfectly.Not perfect, but a great read nonetheless.P.S. And we got a decent epilogue. Yay!