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The Cursed One by Ronda Thompson

The Cursed One - Ronda Thompson

This book seemed the most "out there" of the bunch. Not only were the Wulf brothers cursed to turn into wolves as soon as they fell in love (which is ridiculous all by itself if you ask me), but suddenly there was another "race" of such shifters, Wargs. These creatures straight out of lore left the woods because they couldn't survive there anymore and decided, lo and behold, to join society under the guise of strangers that met their untimely death in order to facilitate the Wargs' quest for the whole society-entering.

The Wargs' next victim was supposed to be Lady Amelia Sinclair, recently married to Lord Collingsworth (or something). Unfortunately her husband died on their wedding night of a heart attack (yet another Warg plot), but a rogue Warg wanted to sample the goods and attacked her under the guise of her deceased husband.
Enter Lord Gabriel Wulf, who Amelia has been lusting over for the past couple of books (and he's been lusting after her as well, though we didn't know that for the past couple of books), knight in shining armor that saves her from the fate worst than death...

Blah, blah, blah...

So Amelia, Gabriel and Mora, a shy servant girl, the only survival of the servants' exodus, embark on a perilous journey through the woods (on foot, the horses were scared away) toward his home.

Maybe it would've worked if the book was that short. Unfortunately it wasn't that short, the Warg plot angle was ridiculous at best, Amelia was a spoiled little bitch, Gabriel was your average brooding hero with a chip on his shoulder, and the servant girl...Well, she was just a servant girl. Or wasn't she?

Boring, uneventful, one-dimensional...Did I mention boring?