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Primal Heat by Lora Leigh, Sherri L. King, Lori O'Clare, Jaci Burton

Primal Heat - Lora Leigh, Sherri L. King, Lorie O'Clare, Jaci Burton


Judging by Lora Leigh's contribution (for her Breed series) I would never have thought this anthology could be bad, but I stood corrected yesterday when I read the other three stories and remained stock still in my comfy chair, staring at the pages with a disgusted/confused frown on my face.

Let's start at the beginning.

Sherri L. King's Moon Lust was amateurish in tone, style, and use of the language. The end result: the story was so boring and "frigid" I couldn't wait for it to end.

Lori O'Clare's Pack Law was the absolute worst in the bunch, and I dare say the absolute worst novella I've read so far. The premise had so much potential, yet the author turned all those little conflict-makers into a crazed sex fest, obliterating a solid "fact" of werewolf culture...Or is it just the male wolves that mate for life - with ONE partner - leaving the promiscuity to the females?
Also the language, though probably used "in context", came off so degrading to women, I merely skimmed through the rest of the story.

Jaci Burton's contribution, Running Mate was a nice reprieve from the first two novellas. It was cute in its own funky kind of way, and I wished it was longer. I would've loved to explore it a little further, maybe polishing the rather abrupt ending.
The scene in the clearing was a bit too much, though, if you ask me. It brought a huge kink in the stride of an otherwise good story.

Once again, it is Lora Leigh's Wolfe's Hope that shines the most. I loved it. Yes, it was short, too short in fact, and seriously lacking in story, but still I loved it. This hot, hot, hot novella provided a great distraction, and though I'm not really partial to the EC excuses for stories, the amount of sex and almost invisible story didn't bother me. It was more an itch scratching, not providing any real insight into the leading couple, except they had the hots for each other, but I wasn't that interested in them.

The anthology as a whole is, unfortunately, an (almost) complete waste of paper and reading time. Though it's fifty-fifty in good and awful, the four stories are far from gems you absolutely have to read.

I wouldn't recommend this book, not even to the "Breed followers", since the Breed novella doesn't provide any real insight and any new developments on that front. It's a mere interlude, one that we all can do quite well without.

So, definitely not a recommended read.