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Five Alarm Neighbor by Anna Leigh Keaton

Five Alarm Neighbor  - Anna Leigh Keaton

Okay, what can you expect from an erotica short story? Page-to-page sex fest. And this one was no different. But, unlike many other page-to-page sex fests, this one actually had a story. Somewhere in the background, that is, but a story, a plot nonetheless.

A pretty tight one, which I actually enjoyed, despite my adversity to page-to-page-sex-fest stories. I rather disliked the heroine and her 'animosity' toward heroes—stereotyping all firefighters/search-and-rescue officers/etc. because of her father dying at thirty was just wrong. And almost cost her her man. And, as usual, it took a near-death experience (not hers) to conk her over the head and make her see reason.
I loved the fact it was the guy who took the plunge first, and wouldn't take no for an answer. Made me go awwwww.