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Crash Into Me - Jill Sorenson The man who three years ago killed Olivia Fortune, wife of a famous surfer, commits suicide in prison and in his suicide note recants his confession. Just like that, the case is open again, also thanks to a few more recent victims with the similar MO, and FBI Special Agent Sonora “Sonny” Vasquez is sent to the Californian La Jolla community to investigate the surfer’s possible culpability.But Sonny’s undercover mission quickly proves to be a tough assignment when she finds herself falling for her mark. Now Sonny has another reason to solve the case. To prove the innocence of the man who, despite her many hang-ups, has crawled under her skin.This was a true buy-on-a-whim for me, and a complete unknown in the author department, and it proved to be a great and more than pleasant surprise for me.For one, though it followed a rather cookie-cutter template for the suspense subplot, the characters, the heroine, Sonny, especially, were everything but template. Sonny was a tough cookie from beginning to end, and even when she actually was a damsel in distress, she didn’t wait for the requisite knight in shining armor (and he knew it and didn’t resent it), but was able to get out of that tight spot (almost) all on her own.She made a few rash decisions (completely understandable because of her past), she had some issues with trust (again, thanks to her past), but she wasn’t annoying – quite the contrary – with all those issues of her. They just made her more realistic, a living and breathing, flawed woman.Ben was a great hero, perfectly balancing Sonny out. Ms. Sorenson did a really good job in fleshing out his character, the prefect mix of alpha and beta, a guy who recognized the strength in Sonny and had no issues with letting her lead, didn’t try to tone her down, and be the constant dominant party in their relationship. He was confident in his masculinity and didn’t see Sonny’s strength as threatening. God bless such men.The plot was good and tight, nicely thought-out and paced, but there were some breaks in the flow of the story due to a few choppy scene transitions. In two of such I felt like there was something missing (maybe erroneously cropped in editing), when a character did the complete opposite of what he/she was thinking at the end of the previous scene, without an explanation to the change of mind.The suspense part was also nicely-written, sometimes downright chilling, but it was (at least in my case) marred by the fact I knew who the killer was since the moment the character appeared in the story. Still, the thinking and investigative process was intriguing to read, and waiting for Sonny to put the pieces together worthwhile.There were a few other details that bothered me – the rather quick curing of Sonny’s “phobia”, the L word dropping a little too soon, the other character’s subplot running a tad too long, and the redundant appearance of Sonny’s mother (have they never heard of the phone).Despite all that, I still very much enjoyed this book, mostly due to the great characterization. A bit more tweaking and this would’ve been a 5-star read.