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The Mistress (The Chicago Fire Trilogy) - Susan Wiggs When a “love story” starts with a deception you know you’re in for a treat. This one started with two deceptions. Both Kathleen and Dylan pretended to be something they weren’t. And their story, how they got to know each other in deception, fell in love, discovered each other’s duplicity, pretended nothing ever happened, but never managed to stay apart, was a real (double) treat to behold.I cannot say I was moved by their story as much as by Deborah and Tom’s sweeping tale (The Hostage), but it was still a wonderful read. Sure, thinking back I’d say their “courtship” was rather rushed, they fell in love and married in one single night, but it all seemed longer, due to the eerie descriptions of the devastation the fire caused (even the resolution to the “misunderstanding” took a little longer, but I’m not complaining).I doubt you’ll notice the abruptness of their romance, I didn’t.While Ms. Wiggs paid only a small “tribute” to the Chicago fire in The Hostage, giving it more a catalyst role to Deborah and Tom’s story, the disastrous fire takes a more center-stage role in The Mistress, serving as a backdrop to Kathleen and Dylan’s whirlwind romance. The imagery was chilling and eerie, the wording rather subtle, but painting a horrifying picture of that tragic night.Along with The Hostage, The Mistress was another great installment in the Chicago Fire Trilogy and I cannot wait to read the last one, The Firebrand, Lucy’s story. I wonder what happened between her and Rand at the reception where Kathleen and Dylan first met.