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Homespun Bride (The McKaslin Clan Historical #2) - Jillian Hart A sweet, cute, and very mellow (compared to what I usually read) historical romance set in snow-filled Montana Territory around Valentine's Day.Five years ago he's been run out of town by her parents, leaving her waiting for him without an explanation, breaking her heart and embittering her. Four years ago, she was engaged to be married (not to him), but a buggy accident robbed her of her parents, her sight, and her fiancé dumped her for being damaged goods.Now, her first (and only) love is back, but the past secrets still haunt them, along with her bitterness over losing her sight...As I said, cute and sweet, though I could've done with less of a page-count and a less whiny heroine. For someone who couldn't stop claiming to not be incapacitated by her blindness, she sure let it (almost) destroy her dreams. It sure provided a perfect excuse not to face life full-on...And then she had the nerve to gripe about everybody seeing her as a burden. Yikes.