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Just One of the Guys - Kristan Higgins Meet Chastity O'Neill. She's thirty-one, owns a strange mix-breed of a dog, and is still single. Well, being the "O'Neill girl", with four older brother, five foot eleven and three-quarters, sporting a nice size eleven, and a pair of O'Neil (rowers) shoulders might have something to do with her single status...But mostly it's due to the fact she's been in love with Trevor Meade, a sort of adopted O'Neill, since she was ten. He was her first love, her first lover (shush, it's supposed to be a secret), and...Well, she's never really gotten over him. And the bastard sees her as just one of the guys. Men!Anyway, Chastity is on a quest to end her singlehood, and she just might accomplish said quest...There's a nice, McDreamy-like trauma surgeon sniffing around the neighborhood. And the fact he's six-foot-two is just an added bonus.Oh, wow. Ms. Higgins has done it again. This was yet another adorable, romantic, funny, bitter-sweet, angsty, sad, and laugh-out-loud in parts story. I absolutely adored Chastity, her parents, her friends, her brothers, their wives and children, her coworkers, her dog...And Trevor.Again, there was a small regret about this being written in first-person POV, we never get the, sometimes so important, glimpses into other characters' psyches, we only get to see them and experience them, their behavior, and the emotions through Chastity's eyes, but I detected quite an improvement in that department from the previous book. There was a little more insight into other character as well, despite the story being told from Chastity's POV. Or the girl just had a better grasp and understanding of people around her...Well, most of them.I loved the camaraderie between siblings, I loved the strange relationship between Mr. and Mrs. O'Neill, and I loved the even more strange relationship between Chastity and Trevor. It made me want to smack the two up the head a few times, but I loved them nonetheless.This is a good example of a HEA-oriented chick-lit. It had everything, humor, romance, friendship, some (healthy) professional rivalry, a potential suspense sub-plot, loads of drama, loads of angst, and loads of fun. A great read. 5 stars!