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Bonding Experience by Cora Zane

Bonding Experience - Cora Zane

So far, this series has been hit-and-miss for me. I guess I was ‘in the mood’ last night, the right mood for a short, quick, sexy, sweet little werewolf romance.

Though it’s tough jamming everything you want to say into a short story, Ms. Zane succeeded with this one. The reader, along with the heroine, gets to see the lengths Luke was willing to go to get her, we see the deep feelings he had for her, the exultation he feels when they finally…you know. :D
And the reader also gets the opportunity to shake his/her head at Claire’s (the heroine) blindness as far as Luke’s true intentions have been for the past fifteen years. Constant hanging around with no obvious purpose, constant teasing...If that doesn’t spell love (in a very high-school sort of way) I don’t know what does.

And when it came to the party night and when it became apparent just what the party was all about...Awww. My absolute favorite in this series.