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One Night Of Paradise by Anna Leigh Keaton

One Night of Paradise  - Anna Leigh Keaton

Another awwww-sound-inspiring sex-fest shorty. Once you get past the mattress rumba, this one also had a story, and some news about the couple from the previous book. Gracie and Steve are married...and expecting. Yay.

Anyway, this one was the story of Gracie's friend Carol who decided to seduce the guy she was secretly lusting for. But since her inferiority complex made her think the hunky detective wouldn't go for unassuming, shy librarian, she decided to dress up as a hooker, put in some colored contacts, and give him a fake last name.

They set the bed on fire and suddenly the guy, forgetting all the rules of one-night-stands, decides he wants to see her again. What is a girl to do? She makes a date, he stands her up (he had to work!), and she calls it quits...Leaving the poor guy searching for her for THREE WEEKS. Until her best friend takes matters into her own hands, and invites him to the school library, where he, naturally, immediately recognizes the librarian (he's a cop, for crying out loud, he ain't stupid)...

I'm going to stop now, though I'm sure you all figured out what happens next. Cute, short, hot, and sweet.