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The Lost Night by Jayne Castle

The Lost Night - Jayne Castle

Ooh, another Rainshadow book. I’ve become fascinated with the island, and more importantly, the Preserve, in the first book in the series and in this one that intriguing spot of land on Rainshadow Island featured even more prominently.

This second installment in the series, albeit interesting in concept and plot, was a rather slow reading at times (maybe because I was watching a rather interesting editorial piece on TV as well), but still, I enjoyed it.

And as predicted, the crystals that were found buried in the garden in Crystal Gardens were important (and will be).

Surprisingly, though the story pretty much revolved around her, the heroine in this book came through as rather bland. Where were the martial arts promised in the blurb? She was rather forgettable, if you ask me. No matter, because I was completely blown away by the hero. Or more specifically, the hero’s talent. Or even more specifically, the authors description of the hero’s talent. I was particularly impressed with the term ‘graveyard cold’. Ooh, chilling.

The ending was a little disappointing for me, though. Not the resolution of the case part, but the psy-stalker part. It was over a little too quickly for my taste. But what can I say, I’m weird that way. ;)

Anyhow, a solid story with a promise of a great story in the future (featuring Harry’s brother and North’s granddaughter). Can’t wait.