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Sizzle and Burn (Arcane Society, #3) - Jayne Ann Krentz Raine Tallentyre hears voices. Usually of the bad-mojo kind. So when she hears a whisper about burning witches in her recently-deceased aunt’s house, she’s quite alarmed. Lucky for her (and the witch hunter’s victim) the girl in the basement is still alive, but not the hunter has set his sights on Raine.But that’s not the end of Raine’s problems. Because that same day she gets an unexpected visit from one Zack Jones, member of the Arcane Society and working for J&J, the company that shattered Raine’s world when she was six. He claims to sees visions. And he needs Raine’s help in solving a big mystery that probably ties in with her aunt’s death.Grudgingly, Raine accepts his proposal (and the "temporary" truce between the Tallentyres and J&J) and the two embark on a perilous mission of finding and possibly stopping a secret organization called Nightshade, all the while battling (not that much ;)) against the explosive attraction between them and a psychic bond that keeps on growing.Ms. Krentz never disappoints, especially not with her Arcane Society books. And Sizzle and Burn is no exception. This was a wonderful mix of suspense, romance, and paranormal elements with the aroma of a thriller thrown into the mix.I loved both Zack and Raine and their quirky senses of humor, and the attraction between tham and the growing passion and bond packed quite a punch . This soul-mate spiel is so popular in fiction nowadays that it usually seems old and been-there-done-that, but in this case it was done subtly and with such aplomb that it was a true pleasure to read, without the déjà vu effect, also thanks to Ms. Krentz masterfully weaving the romance into the intriguing, gripping, and intense suspense plot.The suspense was the second big plus for this story that doesn’t have any minuses in my book. There were two parallel suspense subplot running at the same time, yet the story itself didn’t seem crowded, but nicely paced and superbly written. I’ve become quite tired of romantic suspense books where the villain is apparent from the get go, Sizzle and Burn kept me guessing.This was a gripping, tension filled book sprinkled with just enough paranormal elements to keep things lively and interesting, and an explosive romance that will leave you begging for more.