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The Third Circle (Arcane Society, #4) - Amanda Quick A private investigator, hypnotist, member of Arcane Society and a crystal worker meet under strange circumstances. Over a woman’s dead body. Establishing that neither of them is the killer, they resume their plans, which turn out to be the same as well. They have to take possession of a certain crystal. He claims it belongs to the Arcane Society, she claims it belongs to her. And it is protected by a strange nightmare-inducing concoction that plunges him into the depths of hell. Aided by the crystal she saves him…And then leaves him exhausted in a nearby inn, knowing he would never find her.Well, she didn’t count with his perseverance, stubbornness, and the strange bonds that bind them together. Because he tracks her down the next day, and then whisks her away to his townhouse when it becomes clear the crystal has been stolen from her, proving the villains know who she is, putting her in grave danger.But living in his house proves to be yet another danger. For them both. Because the bonds between them only strengthen. But they might not live to see where their budding romance might lead them, for the enemy in possession of the crystal is now after her as well.Another great installment in the Arcane Society series. A thrilling, chilling, exciting story sprinkled with paranormal elements and a helping of romance. Wonderful characters, wonderful villains, great mystery, tight plot, great pacing, and wonderful suspense with two intertwining subplots that came to full-circle toward the end.Loved the tidbit about the establishment of J&J (can’t wait for Caleb’s story), but I did miss a bit more of a "resolution" between Leona and Thaddeus in the end.4 ½ stars