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Hard Evidence (I-Team #2) - Pamela Clare Another intense and gripping story in the I-Team series, though not as enjoyable as the previous one. And the guilt lays full on the shoulders of Tessa Novak, the heroine.The previous book worked despite the fact the heroine was an investigative journalist conducting a full-scale investigation into an environmental crime, because said heroine knew her limitations, knew the danger, and acted accordingly.Tessa, at least in the first half of the story, didn’t. And despite the intelligence she showed, despite her smarts, the fact that she deliberately thrust herself in dangerous situations not caring much about her life or that of those intent on rescuing her, puts her firmly in the TSTL territory for me. And the fact that it really took a near-death experience (the guy took five bullets for her!) to change her ways says a lot. And nothing good.When she finally saw reason, I finally began to like her, but still, her initial behavior left a sour aftertaste in my mouth.As for the rest of the story…You won’t hear any complaints from me on any account. Fast-paced, well-written, equipped with a great leading man (brooding attitude, leather jacket, dark past, tortured soul, and all that jazz), delightfully twisted villain, and a tight and wonderful plot (though I did know who the FBI leak was from the beginning, what can I say – female intuition).The romance wasn’t as prominent in this one as in the previous book, but it subtly tagged along, “piping up” when it needed, working its magic in the background, planting the seeds…And finally blooming in the last few chapters, when the going really got tough. Sometimes it really takes a good life-or-death situation for people to look into their heart.Despite the initial idiocy from the heroine, this was still a gripping tale.