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Silver Master by Jayne Castle

Silver Master - Jayne Castle

Let's start with something different this time. I don’t understand the adversity of these heroine toward the Guild. I simply don’t. “Hunters [Guild men] are just glorified mobsters, good enough only to provide not-so-much needed protection underground.” Yeah? I didn’t hear any of the heroines so far protest and diss the Guild while the heroes protected them from becoming ghost bait. But as soon as the danger has passed, let’s go back to bitching about the Guild.
I mean, sure, the organization has some bad eggs, which one doesn’t? That doesn’t mean they’re all bad. Just look at your hero. You let him into your pants, didn’t you? That means he has some redeeming qualities, right?

That aside, this one was yet another great installment in the Harmony series. There are (for now) 8 books in the series and I was starting to wonder just how Ms. Castle would keep it up, keeping the reader interested in the series, when the first two books pretty much explored all there could be explored about the Guild and its men. Yeah, they’re ghost hunters, they manipulate ghost light (the green stuff) and they’re all (at least the heroes) hunky, yummy, mysterious, dangerous types.
I’m sure the next books would sound repetitive (at least in the hero’s ability department), right? Wrong. Because she goes and throws us all a curve ball – first with blue-ghost energy and then with the ‘silver stuff’. Yay! More ‘freaks’ from the other end of the para-spectrum. More, more, please, let’s have more. Beside the hunky, yummy, mysterious and dangerous heroes working all kinds of ghost energy.

So, yeah, another winner in the series if you ask me. Intrigue galore, two (2 !) baddies, a hottie for a hero, a feisty (if slightly judgmental heroine), two (2 !) dust-bunnies (I loved Max more than that spoiled little brat Araminta), great pacing, an invisible brawl scene, hot attraction, even hotter sex, a secretive past on the hero’s side, a secretive past from the heroine’s side...Woohoo! Sit tight and enjoy the ride.