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Dark Light by Jayne Castle

Dark Light - Jayne Castle

Woohoo! Another 'freak' Ghost Hunter talent. And the heroine wasn’t that annoying either. This series keeps getting better and better.

Tight plot, quick pacing, gripping suspense, possible alien threat, love at first sight (don’t you just love one of those), heavy denial of love at first sight (me likey), great chemistry, even greater attraction, cute couple, twisted villain (I didn’t see that one coming, great surprise), funky motley crew of journalists, some magic moments in the alien jungle...And a dust-bunny dressed like Elvis.

The hero was yummy, the heroine was feisty, they ran for their lives, they worked wonderfully together to uncover the conspiracy within the Guild, they both almost died...And the ‘guy thing’ in the end was absolutely priceless. ;)