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Obsidian Prey by Jayne Castle

Obsidian Prey - Jayne Castle

Argh! Sooner or later, even in a series this good, there's always a bad egg somewhere. Obsidian Prey is one of those bed eggs for the Harmony series.

Not because of the story, because it was great overall. Not for the intrigue, mystery or suspense. Not even for the villain. And especially not for the hero, because I simply loved Cruz and now I want to read Quicksilver again (I love those Sweetwater men).

No, my bad-egg-theory derives from the fact I utterly hated the heroine, the bitch with the warped logic. Lyra made all the other previous, annoying heroines with their adversity toward the Guild and the hunters, look like fairytale princesses. This one was judgmental, sarcastic beyond the point of feisty, stubborn, raised on poison by her bitter grandfather, and so stupidly she blind she didn't see what was in front of her nose.
I couldn't stand her to the point I wished someone would stab/shoot/strangle/drown/etc. her and replace her with some other woman. Someone with a bit more sense, at least.

So I sort of squinted and squirmed through the scenes she was in, not a great reading experience, let me tell you, and somehow made it through the book without throwing it against the wall or through the window. She didn't even become likable in the end.

So this one gets three stars, because of the plot, the pacing, the suspense, and the hero.