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Make Me Yours (Blaze Historicals #3) (Harlequin Blaze #479) - Betina Krahn Hmmm...This was a nice respite from the otherwise generic HR template with a feisty, head-strong, determined heroine and a little meeker hero, providing quite a breather.But such characterization is also the biggest problem in this book, at least for me. The heroine was a bit too feisty, IMO, almost flirting with brazenness and a tad of slutty-ness, while the hero's (somewhat) lovable trait of shyness was a bit overdone for me.I guess I'm not used to such characters in historical romances. They provided a nice twist, but came off as slightly over the top.I liked the quick and easy resolution to the "big problem", but still it was a tad too easy.A good story nevertheless.