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Daring Time - Beth Kery Oh, wow, what a good job at mixing genres. There was a bit of everything, contemporary romance, historical romance, suspense, erotica, time-travel...And somehow, don't ask me how Ms. Kery did it, it worked perfectly.The pacing was wonderful (though there were a few slow spots here and there), the plot was well-plotted and well-written, the characterization was spot-on, the suspense was chilling, the sex was smokin' hot and light on BDSM (for those, like me, who aren't exactly fans of the genre), and though the story was a bit predictable, there were enough gripping twists and turns thrown into the mix to keep things lively and interesting.I loved the comparison between Chicago in the 1906 and today, and Hope's sweet, wide-eyed discovery of the future. Spot-on and extremely enjoyable to read.The suspense part of the story was thrilling and chilling, with a slightly different angle to the villain and his "operation" than what we're used to. Nicely done.I absolutely adored Ryan and Hope together, the sparks flew when just their eyes met, you can imagine the conflagration when other parts met as well.And now we finally come to the big problem, at least for me. Hope was a bit too eager to embark on a sensuous journey of sexual discovery with Ryan. I know she was a rather modern woman in her time, free-thinking, and she did have quite a lot of contact with the seedier part of town, but 25 years of social conditioning can't go up in smoke just by meeting a hot stud. Her quick responsiveness was the only thing that bothered me in this story. Seemed a bit unrealistic.Otherwise, a great read. 5 stars.