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Double The Thrill (Blaze) - Susan Kearney In this second (or first) book in this two-book "miniseries" the reader meets Grey's twin brother Zane Materson who's trying to mellow a little by taking his brother's place in dealing with the newspaper...And he just might try and catch the elusive saboteur. Maybe it's Grey's newest stalker.I know twins are supposed to have different characters, but Zane and Grey were like night and day. To put it simply, Zane was a jackass. Poor Toni for ending up with him, the woman should be made a saint.I particularly resented his "moral superiority" when dealing with Toni. This coming from a shallow playboy that had no redeeming qualities beside his money and good looks. Puh-lease.Yep, major suspension of disbelief needed in this one, especially to understand Toni's ultimate sticking with him.Yet again, the slightly funky feel of the story bothered me a little, it was one of the first of this line, though. But I did like the cute ending.Grey's story is much better, but if you don't know what to read next, you might pick this one up as well.