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Double the Pleasure (Blaze) - Julie Elizabeth Leto This is the first (or second) book in a two-book "miniseries" about twins Grey and Zane Masterson switching places. Grey needs some time off from his busy schedule of a newspaper owner, so his brother Zane offers him to take his place for a while and loosed up, unleashing his "bad boy" side...Well, he can't escape his white-knight impulses though, taking on the task of helping his brother's friend Reina in her dire need...This is the best in this two-book-er, because I absolutely loved Grey (what I felt about his brother is an entirely different matter). Grey was adorable and sweet, yet had no problems in unleashing his "bad boy" side.And since this two stories revolve mostly around their heroes, the heroine was pushed a bit into the background, but that didn't bother me, I had too much fun reading about Grey.The story was a bit funky and silly in places, though, but probably because of the newness of the Harlequin Blaze line back then.