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Born of Night  - Sherrilyn Kenyon I was mesmerized by the Ichidian universe when I read the short story Fire and Ice in the Man of My Dreams anthology and when I realized Born of Night was about Adron’s parents I was instantly curious…And in the end disappointed.For starters, it was 200 pages too long, giving Ms. Kenyon the opportunity to transform Kiara from a whiny, and slightly annoying heroine into an obnoxious, selfish, spoiled, judgmental brat. One of those heroine you wish for someone to rape, strangle, stab, and dismember in the first few chapters for a completely different, and hero-worthy, woman to take her place.Second, I saw too many similarities with Acheron for my taste. I know the two stories were written two decades apart, so this could be filed as a “rough draft”, but they were simply too similar for me to actually enjoy this story after reading Acheron. There’s a hero wrongly thrust into a life of pain and betrayal, that hardened him and made him suppress all emotions, there’s a woman who lightens his day, although he knows he’s too “dirty” to touch her, since she is the day and he belongs to the night…Yadda, yadda, yadda.The only major differences were in the setting, the fact the reader is “spared” the most gory details of the hero’s past, and a tantrum-prone, obnoxious, and mercurial heroine .All in all a solid book, but a pale copy of Acheron and a heroine who will make you wish for a maniacal serial killer roaming the Ichidian universe.