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Set the Dark on Fire - Jill Sorenson After the wonderful surprise that was Crash into Me, this book was a huge disappointment. The pacing was slow, the plot boring, and the supposed chemistry between the two leads nonexistent. I didn’t like neither of them, Luke was a jerk, Shay was rather silly and too warped for my taste (for example, she dressed like a tramp and then resented people [Luke:] for thinking she was one).I found myself skimming through it at times, especially during the redundant Dylan (Shay’s younger brother) POV. I have no idea why Ms. Sorenson decided to explore this troubled teenager so thoroughly, since it added absolutely nothing to the main story.Even the suspense part had much to be desired, since there was nothing (overly) nefarious about it, no particular motive, no particular victim…Nothing particular, period.Really disappointing.