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Blood Born - Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones A war is brewing.A faction of rebels among the vampire society are determined to gain the upper hand the vampires should've always had, lead the world with humans as mere food source.And the rebels have quite a good shot at world domination. They're systematically killing those humans selected as conduits to call immortal warriors to war from "the other side". Render the humans completely defenseless and you can rule the world. Add to it the possible breaking of the sanctuary spell that prevents a vampire from entering a human home and they're the rulers of the world.There's just a small fly in the ointment. Luca Ambrus, one of the few blood borns (both parents were vampires when he was conceived, making him that much more stronger and faster) with a strange fascination for a human woman. Chloe Fallon is a conduit and the only human immune to Luca's "curse". She remembers him. And she just got herself one heck of a bodyguard.The war just got interesting.Whoa. This book literally left me speechless. There's so much going on, so many sideline plots, twists, turns, interesting characters, inner and outer turmoil, truth, lies, mythos and legends to keep the reader on her/his toes, and not bore us to tears.Though sometimes the first books in such series are rather tedious, thanks to the extensive world-building and history/legend/myhology creating, but this one was surprisingly easy and entertaining to read from beginning to end.Sure, there were a few slow moments, mostly due to the vast inner monologuing, and there were repetitive instances (the constant reminding us that no one remembers Luca, for example, got a little annoying toward the end), but still this was one of the fastest paced, intriguing, tension-filled, nail-biting first books in a series I've read in a long time.The romance part had a little to be desired, but the paranormal plot and the news of the brewing rebellion more than compensated for that little hiccup.Great characters, wonderful pacing, good and tight plot, and some pretty kick-ass action scenes (I loved the final battle sequence). Now I can hardly wait for the sequel and I really hope it will be as good (or better) than this one.A highly recommended 5-star read!