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Men of Danger - Alexis Grant, Red Garnier, Lorie O'Clare, Lora Leigh In Lora Leigh's Hannah’s Luck sheriff Rick Grayson has desired kindergarten teacher for four years, watching her longingly from afar, keeping his distance because of a brutal betrayal in his past. Now, someone is targeting Hannah and Rick suspects it’s all about him. And he’s determined to do anything to protect her, claim her, and make those threatening her pay.This was a typical LL book, with a rather solid plot and loads of steam, but I simply wasn’t convinced. There was something missing, but I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was too short, maybe it needed more of a back-story…I don’t know. All I know is that I liked it, but it was nothing overly special.It’s tied in slightly to her Elite Ops series, though, giving me even more of an incentive to read the series. (3 stars)In Red Garnier's Reckless seven years ago eighteen-years old Paige Avery and Zach Rivers were a Romeo-and-Juliet-esque item, she a judge's daughter, him a felon's son. Then her father was murdered, Paige almost met her Maker along him, and lost her memory in the process...Now she's back, someone wants her dead and Zack will do anything to keep her safe...And help her remember.This was a cute, short, slightly bitter sweet story of love lost and found again, and second chances. I missed more development on the suspense subplot - it just seemed to be placed there conveniently, but nothing more, but the (renewed) romance between Zack and Paige stole the show. The only peeve is the somewhat juvenile interaction between them (mostly in the dialog). Sure, they haven't seen each other in seven years, and she's learning about their past again, but still, they're twenty-five, not ten. (3 stars)In Alexis Grant's Tempt Me a Delta Force operative on leave does a friend a favor by protecting an R'n'B diva from a stalker. But Anita Brown isn't what the tabloids (and her fame-blinded family) have branded her and Zachary Mitchell finds himself fallin' for this feisty singer.This was the weakest in the bunch for me. Not due to lack of chemistry between the two leads, far from it, but due to lack of actual story beside the sexual pull between Zachary and Anita. The suspense was beyond weak and the finale had a strong deus ex machina feel. Not to mention the abrupt ending. I hate it when that happens. (2 stars)In Lorie O'Claire's Love Me 'til Death a police detective finds herself working off the record with an FBI agent on leave as they try to discover who's murdering young women with a hard-to-find street drug, and giving them string bracelets as mementos of their time together.This little number was the best in this anthology, if you ask me. I loved the suspense (nothing beats a good murder mystery), and I loved Chase and Ashley. Their banter was sexy, the way they kept jumping from "let's have sex" to "let's solve a murder" to "let's have sex" again was sexy...And when they finally did it it was HOT.The only thing bothering me about this was the fact I knew who the killer was almost from the get go, and the shortness of the story. I wouldn't mind a full-length novel to explore more of Chase and Ash's background and of course the depth of the killer's motive. (4 ½ stars)