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Hold on to the Nights (Dressed to Thrill #3) - Karen Foley Lara Whitfield's father recently passed away, disclosing a shocking secret. Lara's marriage to a struggling Scottish actor had never been annulled. She is still very much married, and the struggling actor is now Hollywood's favorite stud muffin.Lara, not knowing the truth, has been dating a nice, safe man back in Chicago, never revealing to him what happened in Scotland when she was seventeen. And if she wants a future with her nice and safe boyfriend, she first have to get her divorce.But first, she wants to see her husband one last time without him recognizing her. And the costume shop Dressed to Thrill comes to mind. She would go to a fan conference in Las Vegas in disguise.Graeme Hamilton immediately recognizes his wife, despite her mask. He's dying to know just what brings her around after five years of silence, so he follows her - the Princess Leia slave-girl costume helps a great deal - and ends up fulfilling a fantasy they both have been harboring for the entire extent of their marriage. Spending one hot, raunchy, breathless night in each other's arms...This was one hell of a story. A quick-read, sexy, sweet, and heart-breaking tale of love found, lost, and found all over again.Graeme and Lara were great characters, wonderful separately, perfect together. And for once (an extreme rarity in Romancelandia), after the first hurdle, they actually didn't have that much problems in communication. Not that they did much talking after they were alone on that first night.Yowzers! They sure set the sheets and pages (and my Sony) on fire. The attraction was sizzling and the passion explosive in its intensity. The sex scenes weren't bordering on erotica like a previous Blaze I read, but they certainly weren't mellow in their sensuality and sexuality.Scorching sex, coupled with a good, strong story and two wonderful characters this is a hot little read that will make you bite your nails in hope of a happy ending. Add to it a dash of a Scottish burr from the hero's mouth and you got yourself a keeper. Yum!