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Catching Caroline - Sylvia Day As soon as she lays her eyes on Jack Shaw, Lady Caroline Seton falls hard. What's not to fall for? He's tall, dark, handsome, hot, charismatic...Did I mention hot? Anyway, she can't have him. Why? Well, it's her, not him. She's a vampire and she fears hurting him.And when he accosts her in a shadowed garden and kisses her, she knows she must flee.Two years later she's still running. But Jack is getting tired of pursuing her. She's unlike any woman he's met, she captivated him at first sight, and he's determined to have her. Even if that means sneaking into her house in the middle of the night to have his wicked way with her...Well, I'm not as familiar with SD's books, so I truly didn't find anything wrong with her writing in this story, despite the "warning" at the beginning of it.I loved it from first (digital) page to the last. The plot was nice and tight, Jack was utterly captivating, Caroline's plight was heartfelt...And the first little twist toward the end, though slightly predictable, was sweet and perfect. The second twist seemed a little convenient, but brought the story to a nice (and satisfying) ending.A (almost) perfect story of a perfect length.