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The Perfect Poison (Arcane Society, #6) - Amanda Quick As leader of the newly-founded paranormal investigative agency Jones & Company, Caleb Jones has his hands full. But that doesn't prevent him from taking on another assignment. A peculiar one, not really in league with what his agency deals with. This is a case of a fern-napping. Someone stole a precious, rare fern from a lady's conservatory and said lady wants the plant back. Quickly. Before she is thrown in jail because of a poison derived from her fern.Not that Lucinda concocted that poison. No way. But with her father and his partner dead from poisoning and her fiancĂ© dropping dead for drinking the tea she poured it's obvious what conclusion the authorities will come up with.So now it's up to Caleb Jones to find the fern for Lucinda, clear her reputation somewhat, maybe plunge headfirst into a passionate affair with her, provide a matchmaker for her cousin, and—most important of all—stay alive to tell the tale.Whew. What a relief this book didn't follow in the previous one's footsteps.Ms. Quick created yet another thrilling, exciting, fast-paced, intriguing, hot, and steamy romantic suspense story set in the late Victorian period. Though I sometimes missed the modern procedures of investigation, this was still a great fun to read, also thanks to the two most unlikely compatible characters in my recent reading history. I couldn't say a bad thing about Caleb and Lucinda if I tried, because they were fun together, fun apart, and the sparks they emanated were palpable.The suspense subplot was of the at-the-edge-of-the-seat, slightly-nail-biting variety with enough clues to give the reader a good impression of what was really going on, but not enough to plunge things into the realm of boring.Still, I'm finding the details about the cabal too few and too sparse throughout the books, which I know is deliberate to move the series forward (and allow space for much more books in the future), but slowly these few details are really starting to bug me.Though the stories are interesting and rather diverse plot-wise, the main arc mystery is getting a little old.