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Mistress: Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure (Mills & Boon Modern) - India Grey He: former RAF pilot grounded due to sight deterioration, now almost blindShe: famous pianist that ran from her own wedding and hid in his housePlot: he and she fall for each other but she’s a whiny little girl and he’s a secretive idiot that thinks he isn’t lovable because he’s blind. His ex comes back with (apparently) his son, throws a few jabs about his blindness, the heroine still has no idea what’s going on, though the clues are all there, and thinks he’s still in love with his ex. The ex is a bitch, lying to the heroine about how they would get back together because of their son, the heroine runs away, back to the abusive man she ran from, realizes she’s pregnant, the hero come to her concert, they finally talk and have a HEA.I absolutely hated this story for all the above reasons. The hero was an idiot, the heroine was a stupid coward, and the plot consisted of an idiotic misunderstanding that could be resolved with a few minutes of conversation. But then there wouldn’t be a story, would it. That would certainly be preferable.