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Night Moves by Nora Roberts

Night Moves (Night Tales, #3, #4) - Nora Roberts

Celebrity composer Maggie Firtzgerald moves to the other side of the country to get out of her frenetic life in L.A. She buys a house and decides to have a proper garden, hiring landscaper Cliff Delaney.

While they're digging up ground for her pond, they find human bones and it soon becomes clear someone didn't want those bones to be found and still doesn't want for the truth to come out...

This book was safely middle ground. It wasn't particularly exciting (either in the romance or suspense department), but it was still well-written and rather well-paced to keep the reader from getting bored.

The suspense left much to be desired, since it spent most of the book pushed into the background, and even the final reveal wasn't that intense, gripping and/or surprising.
The romance was quite disappointing, since I didn't particularly like either character (she had deep issues and he was quite a snob), and it felt rather rushed and unbelievable.