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Redstone Ever After - Justine Davis When Joshua Redstone, founder and CEO of Redstone, Incorporated, returns to his plane after a short hike in the wilderness, his personal pilot, and long-time friend, Tess Machado greets him by his middle name, Michael...A few minutes later, a message appears on the Redstone Security server. A short, coded message, signed simply “Michael”.Josh Redstone’s never used middle name is a signal. A signal of distress. The time everyone has feared. They’ve come for him. Someone is threatening their employer, their friend, the glue that keeps Redstone together. And they’re all ready and willing to walk through the fire to save him.Unfortunately, they also know he would never allow such a thing. The only reason he even sent the distress message is because this is a two-hostage situation. Tess is involved and for Tess, Josh is ready to do anything, even die to keep her safe... I’ve been waiting since February for this story, ever since I discovered this series, and then gobbling up all the previous stories, whetting my appetite for Josh’s story. And let me tell you, disappointed is not how I ended up being after finishing it. Well, okay, I was a little disappointed, since this is the last book in this series, but it could not have ended on a better note. And most certainly not with someone else in the leading role.The major part of this story happens in close-quarters, a Redstone plane, with Josh and Tess held hostage by two rather incompetent individuals. No one know what is exactly the two want, and they sure aren’t very bright (explaining that one would be categorized as a spoiler, so I’m not touching it).The narrative flowed nicely, the pacing was tight and gripping, and the tension of it all was nicely interspersed with lighter moments, even introspective ones from Tess and Josh’s point of view, as they sorted through the jumbled feelings the “adrenaline rush” provoked. Yeah, right. *grin*And though the romance was heavily pushed to the sidelines, the little glimpses we got were so utterly sweet, charming, angsty, and bitter-sweet to most surely tug on those old heart-strings. Josh and Tess were my favorite couple since this series started, and I saw what everybody else, every single Redstone employee saw when they met the two…That they were absolutely, perfectly made for each other. It took them a long time to realize it, but their path to discovery was a true beauty to behold.And this story, their romance, their slow, steady, yet inevitable transition from friends to more is true proof of Ms. Davis writing talent. To keep readers guessing, wishing, hoping for a happily ever after for these two fro 12 books...That's quite an accomplishment.The buildup was slow, very slow at times, but when they finally combusted...Boy was I a happy little bookworm.A (very) small beef, though. I felt the ending was a bit too PC, too let's-keep-everybody-happy-by-giving-them-a-rather-sappy-ending. I felt it was just too much, I would've preferred an ending with just the two of them, but the whole family gathering was a nice tribute...Still, and added epilogue, maybe?