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Scarecrow Returns by Matthew Reilly

Scarecrow Returns - Matthew Reilly

Yet again, Shane M. Schofield and Matthew Reilly did what they do best. Mayhem on speed. Because as is obligatory in the Scarecrow series, the book sucks the reader in on the first page (where nothing really happens—only the description of the Army of Thieves exploits) and doesn't spit the reader back out until the last page (because the 'action' doesn't stop when the last bad guy is dead(view spoiler)[, because he might not be (hide spoiler)]).

I loved it from beginning to end...The action, the rage, the suspension of disbelief needed, the characters (Mother had a new contender for the top spot on my list—Bertie, and I loved Baba)(view spoiler)[, and the new budding romance (I just hope she doesn't meet the end of her predecessor (hide spoiler)].

A great installment in the series, and I hope to read more Scarecrow adventures in the future.<!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]-->