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Tessa's Ambassador (Naughty Nooners) - Cyna Kade Kortal, the Darinthian ambassador, is faced with a difficult task of choosing whether to reveal a little tidbit about his culture - the "companionship" - or not. The companionship is a sort of mating between a Darinthian and his counterpart (mate/companion/whatever you want to call it) where, with the exchanges of vows, they bind each other together in mind, soul, and body...And yes, there's sex involved.Just as he's contemplating on what to do, a woman, Tessa, barges into his office, demanding his help in finding his sister who went to Darinth and disappeared. Well, she didn't disappear, she became a companion, but Tessa doesn't know that, and Kortal is a little too busy in making her his companion to explain every single detail before the "companionship" is complete.Quick and hot with just the right amount of plot and a heaping of steam, just like I like 'em...Made me wonder about the rest of the series, too.