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Executive Privilege  - Phillip Margolin This story started so slow I was beginning to think of giving up on the whole thing. Lucky for me, I persevered and the second half of this book made up for the first one in pacing, action, suspense, and jaw-dropping surprises.The premise was great. The US president has a penchant for young (make that teenage) women. Which is easily hidden, he’s the president after all. But somehow all the young women the president has an affair with end up dead. But are they really random victims of serial killers, or the president’s involvement runs deeper than an occasional fling?And once the story came out of its pacing fugue, the time simply flew, along with the (electronic) pages. Secrets ran deep, alleviated by lies, half-truths, and the increasing amount of dead bodies. Who was behind the deaths and the kill-orders was evident, and the reason and motive also appeared clear. But appearances can be deceiving. And this story proved this saying for a fact with the surprising twist in the end.Nicely written and well-plotted, great characterization and good pacing in the second half of the story, though the ending seemed a little abrupt.A wonderful thriller.