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A Doctor's Watch (Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1594) - Vickie Taylor Two years ago around Christmas she tried to off herself after loosing her parents, her sister, and her husband. Now, Mia Serrat, is back in the game, but apparently someone doesn’t want her to be. Pity no one believes her that someone wants her dead, not even her shrink, Dr. Handsome — er, Dr. Hansen.Why, oh why doesn’t anyone ever believe the heroine when she tries to tell them someone wants to kill her? I guess it really is easier to believe she's just plain nuts. And this book was no different. Of course it helped that she used to be prone to bouts of depression, and she did try to kill herself once...Oh, well.Scaling that little hurdle, this was a good, solid, and very twisty little suspense story, and though my suspicions as to who might want to harm Mia were somewhat accurate, the villain’s true identity was a pleasant surprise, and the motive a little stroke of craziness. I loved it.Unfortunately I didn't love the romance part of the story. There was only a minute amount of chemistry between the two leads, and Ty’s reservations about starting a relationship with his patient, though somewhat justified, started to annoy me after a while. I found it a bit hypocritical that he was thinking about getting together, all the while not trusting or believing her.