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Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts

Heaven & Earth  - Nora Roberts

Not as 'gripping' as the first book in the series, mostly due to my dislike of the heroine. I didn't like Ripley in the first book and I didn't like her in her own story, though she sort of redeemed herself in the end.

This book was a little more intense in the paranormal/suspense department with the evil entity intruding from almost the beginning. But that's to be expected. While the first book was meant as sort of an introduction into the world on Three Sisters, this second (as is usual in the trilogies) was supposed to introduce the Big Evil, and the third (as is usual in the trilogies) will explain what the Big Evil is, how it had become, what it wants...And the three and their men will send him back to its birthplace. (Very Sign of Seven again.)

I can't wait to read Mia's story. I can't wait to meet Samuel Logan, the one who got away, and had a hand in making Mia the Mia she is today. I only hope she doesn’t disappoint me.