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Faefever  - Karen Marie Moning Verdict after 3rd book: Now we're talking!The first half was pretty meh and filler-like, but the second half...Oh, boy. Dark, gritty, dangerous...The scenes of the Dark Zone the darkened Dublin has become flashed vividly in front of my eyes. Creepy, chilling, masterfully done.And the last scene...Sheesh. Simple and subtle, yet horrific and blood-chilling because of that subtleness. Presented with a masterfully mellow touch, a very dream-like experience for both Mac and the reader, yet packing a whopper of a punch....series review..................I know I shouldn't but I can't help it...*************************** sarcasm alert ***************************Lessons learned in this book: That's what happens when you don't trust anyone. You get gang-raped by bloody fairies.************************ end sarcasm alert ************************