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Dracula - Bram Stoker, Elizabeth Kostova I remember attempting to read this book more than a decade ago, because I wanted to compare it to Coppola’s movie. Well, I abandoned the endeavor and didn’t look back since. A reading challenge was incentive enough for me to give this immortal classic one more try.Unfortunately, what bothered me on my first attempt was what bothered me in the second - the constant POV changes. I know it’s a good attempt at impartiality, but still, it provided a rather tiresome read and I just couldn’t get used to it.Moving on. There are parts of this book that are absolutely magnificent (the first third of the book is just absolutely perfectly creepy), but the first part is somewhat overshadowed by the second and third part that are rather boring (middle in particular), uneventful and incomparable in the narrative and expressionism to the first part, and the utterly anticlimactic end.So for me this is a book of ups and downs that somehow meet in a safe middle ground. Sadly, the movie is better (for me).