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Extreme Exposure (I-Team #1) - Pamela Clare Oh, wow. It's not often that a book leaves me speechless after finishing it, but Extreme Exposure is definitely one of those (rare) books.I actually don't know what to write in my review, so I'm just going to blab a little, if you don't mind. This was a completely impulse buy for me, because of the good reviews it got from my GR friend. And because I usually go a bit crazy where books are concerned, I bought the entire series, based solely on those good reviews (I didn't read the less good ones).Needless to say, I'm not in the least sorry for that impulse buy of mine, though I feared to be before I started. The biggest cause for that fear was the blurb. A romantic suspense novel about an investigative reporter and a senator? No cops, no federal agents? Are you kidding me? I was sure it would be a huge fiasco with the investigative reporter and the politician going all quasi-PI on the reader, getting in all sorts of troubles, all the way convinced they were doing a great job, a better job than a cop.Well, that fear of mine was completely wasted and I realized it from the first paragraph. Ms. Clare's story grabbed me into its clutches, pulled me in, and didn't let go until the end.Granted, none of the major players was a cop, federal agent or anything remotely similar, yet they didn't seem silly, preposterous or pretentious in the investigation. Ms. Clare created a group of well-developed characters utterly and completely aware of their limitations, both psychical and juridical, that didn't pretend to me more, to do more, to know more, that was expected of them.And that's what I loved most about this story, that's what worked to its advantage, and that's what kept me turning the pages, curious to see what would happen next, how the characters were react, who was the bad guy, what the investigation might uncover...Well, that and the romance. Because we can't have a romantic suspense with only the suspense, can we? There has to be a sub-plot centering on the romance. And this one worked beautifully alongside the main investigation plot. It didn't take center-stage, yet it didn't remain relegated to the sidelines. The two parts of the story flowed seamlessly and perfectly together.And the characters...I'm so happy to report none of them, the hero, the heroine or any of the supporting cast, annoyed me. I understood Kara's reservations, I loved Reece's patience, I adored the motley crew at the newspaper, Chief Irwing was a sweetheart...It doesn't happen often, but beside leaving me speechless, every single element of this story clicked, worked perfectly in juxtaposition to the others, creating one hell of a good story.Hats off to Pamela Clare.