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His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls

His Lady Mistress - Elizabeth Rolls

This book was absolute torture to get through, but not because of the bad writing, hole-y plot, or one-dimensional characters.
On the contrary, the writing was good (I didn’t care for the British word-use, though), the plot didn’t resemble Swiss cheese, and the characters had so many dimensions it made my head spin.

I loved the female lead. Verity was a wonderful character, so strong I ended up admiring her. After so many blows life's dealt her, others would crumble, she on the other hand, dusted herself off and went on, blow after blow, stubbornly holding on, head held high.

It was the hero that made this one a torture. Because he was an absolute jackass! In the prologue and the first few chapters he was so sweet, gentle, and caring I couldn’t wait for the truth to come out and the two to “find” each other. I was wondering, though, what kind of plot-twist the author had in mind to keep the angst and drama alive till the end.
Well, there weren’t any major plot twists, but the hero gave angst and drama a whole new meaning. And they call us women fickle. This guy couldn’t hold onto an emotion for longer than a few minutes at a time. I want her. She tricked me, so I despise her. I hate her, but I still want her, which makes me hate her even more. She didn’t trick me, so I can want her again, but I can’t have her. Nah, I’d rather break her heart. Now she doesn’t want me anymore and I’m sad, because I still want her. Blah, blah, blah. And so it went, on and on and on and on...Until I kept secretly hoping she’d give up in the bastard and move on.

Unfortunately we’re talking about a historical here and back in the day women (well, most women) couldn’t afford to leave their imbecilic husbands without some serious repercussions...And she was in love with the cretin to boot.

I hope I won’t spoil it for you if I tell you, this does have a HEA, even though the jackass of a hero waits almost until the last chapter to make up his mind.
Yeah, it made my teeth hurt from clenching them, my eyes hurt from rolling them, and my head hurt from trying to follow the jackass and his idiotic thinking, but I still loved this book. I’m nuts, I know.