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Hard and Fast  - Erin McCarthy Yeah! Finally an Erin McCarthy book that I liked. Really liked, actually. Compared to the two I read before this one was a romance instead of a sex-fest. Don’t get me wrong, we still get multiple-pages-long sex scenes, but there also is an actual story, and a budding romance thrown into the mix.The fact both leading characters are likable and that attraction between them is “palpable”, believable, and realistic is an added bonus.This was a cute, light-weight, sexy, “starry-eyed” little story with two great characters (though Ty was way greater than his Emma Jean) with quite a few hidden depths (Ty’s little secret for example), though that final “hurrah” in the form of the almost template conflict situation in romance novels, thanks to the characters lack of communication skills (which in this case was a bit OCC, if you ask me, in view of all the convos they had before where they exhibited some pretty good communication skills).