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Kiss of Fire (Dragonfire, #1) - Deborah Cooke My first DC book and also the first book in the series. It wasn't anything special, but, being a Dragonfire newbie, I didn't expect much. Especially not from the first book in a series where it's all mostly about history-, mythos-, and world-building.Kiss of Fire was no exception, giving a nice, albeit rushed, introduction into the world of the Pyr, their war against the Slayers, the firestorm-business etc.Granted, there were no vampires, werewolves, witches or warlocks present, but I couldn't shake the feeling of deja-vu. It all seemed a little familiar to me, especially the whole deal with the firestorm, finding a destined mate, and breed like bunnies before it's too late.Though there was a variation to the theme - apparently they can fall in love with someone who isn't their destined mate, and (judging from a future hero) they can have more than one firestorm in their life with different partners.The whole Pyr/Slayer world and history aside, what was left was a quite good story, nothing memorable, but not junk either. On one side Sara's (the human) quick about face was refreshing from the usual template "I-don't-believe-a-thing-I-just-saw-with-my-own-two-eyes" heroine, but taking the time frame into consideration a bit too rushed and quick for my peace of mind...Actually, the whole story seemed a bit rushed in the time frame they all had alloted.Still, a not bad starter of a series, and I truly (since I own the next tree books) hope it will only get better.