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Bet Me (Harlequin Special Releases) - Debra Webb, Catherine Mann, Joanne Rock In The Ace by Debra Webb, Clarissa goes undercover as a maid to dig up some dirt on three high-rollers and a possible inside sidekick at a casino, but ends up pretending to be the wife of a star cyclist.In The Joker by Catherine Mann, Kim pretends to be her cousin, Princess Ting, to uncover a possible diamond smuggling operation at a casino, but her ex, posing as her boyfriend/bodyguard just might prove to be a distraction.In The Wildcard by Joanne Rock, Dorian dons the garb of a high-price streetwalker to bust a women-trafficking ring, but working with her partner just might be a problem if they don’t resolve the issue of their “mutual past”.This was a quick-read, nicely-paced, entertaining, suspenseful and gripping anthology (well, the first and third stories, at least, because I just can’t muster any “fanhood” toward Ms. Mann). Both Webb and Rock created great characters, wonderful chemistry, sizzling attraction, and an overall great plot, despite its shortness. Ms. Mann’s story on the other hand had much to be desired with a rather silly heroine despite her being a cop, a rather cardboard-ish hero and a completely out-there plot about mistaken identities and royal connection to an imaginary country.The first and third stories were enough for a good rating, though.