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Security Measures (Harlequin Intrigue #867) - Joanna Wayne Fifteen years ago she testified against him in court. He was convicted of manslaughter and, thanks to his cousins' testimony, also of Mob connections. She gave birth to a child, never acknowledging his fatherhood, changed her identity and went into hiding.Now, Vincent Magilinti is back. He escaped from prison in order to save his daughter from his treacherous cousin who's out on parole. Janice cannot believe he expects her to believe him after all the lies he told her in the past. Even the prison shrink claims he suffers from delusions since he never stopped professing his innocence. There's no way Janice will entrust her daughter's safety into the hands of her father, so she runs to New Orleans, the city where the met...And their daughter is kidnapped.Maybe, just maybe Vincent is right. And Janice knows he's also the only one who can save their child.She's right. Vincent will do anything in his power to protect his daughter and the woman who broke his heart, even if it means sacrificing his freedom...Or his life.What a wonderful little gem of a romantic suspense this was. The pacing was wonderful, the characterization spot-on (I didn't even mind the heroine's pigheadedness, she truly believed Vincent was one of the bad guys), the suspense was chilling, and the intrigue kept me at the edge of my seat.There was so much going on, so many secrets, half-truths, and lies, all intertwined with the past, that it was a true pleasure to read and a bit of disappointment when it ended. I did think the ending a bit rushed, but the epilogue offered just enough information to bring the story full-circle and toward a very happy ending.Highly recommended by this very satisfied reader.