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Insatiable - Lauren Dane You know how the saying goes? “Never judge the book by its cover?” Well, in this case it’s more than true. The cover is a very good marketing strategy (Susan, unfortunately you were right). This happens to be the second book I purchased this year based solely on the cover (well, the blurb sounded good, too), and they both left me disappointed.I don’t want to be unfair. It was a good story, well-structured with equal amounts of action, drama, and steam, but it was the narrative style – also affecting the pacing – that did me in. It started very slow, with world-building and character establishing, then…The term “spasmodic” comes to mind, “hiccupping” would be next. The story didn’t run smoothly, didn’t flow (naturally), and it severely diminished my enjoyment.Yes, I liked the premise, yes, I liked the characters (for once the heroine wasn’t annoying…much), I simply loved Daniel, the chemistry was good, the action (when it happened) was great, the world-building was good…I simply didn’t like the style in which it was all presented, and I truly struggled to get to the end.But I (still) do like the cover. ;)